Hotel Blackstone, Carlton Hotel and Other Motels in Tyler Texas

Hotel Blackstone, Tyler, Texas

Postcards represent yet another media, in addition to text, stories and photographs, that enables us to visualize, and remember, the past.

Knowing the value that such cards possess in documenting the past of Tyler and East Texas, we have assembled a small collection of historic postcards, and present them on this website.

Thus, this section attempts to build a more complete collection depicting the architecture of Tyler and East Texas during the first 50-60 years of the 20th Century. It is hoped that its availability will provide another media contributing to the enjoyment and edification of those of you with East Texas connections.

The Hotel Blackstone in Downtown Tyler

The 5-story Hotel Blackstone was constructed at a cost of $500,000, and opened in downtown Tyler at the corner of Broadway Avenue and Locust Street on November 29, 1922. A 9-story tower was added in later years, providing an additional 64 rooms.

Blackstone Hotel, Tyler TexasBlackstone Hotel, Tyler Texas

In 1939, the 6-story Blackstone Office Building was constructed to the north of the hotel. Designed by Fort Worth architect Preston M. Geren, the Art Deco-style office building housed offices for oil companies, geologists, attorneys, engineers, and more. In addition, the Blackstone was a location for the Union Bus Terminal from the late 1930s to the 1950s. The Blackstone Office Building is still in use today, by the Tyler Chamber of Commerce and other tenants.

In the 1950s, the hotel was renovated and enlarged again, adding an east wing of 30 rooms and a parking garage. The outside facade was changed to a include New Orleans-style cast-ron features. The hotel was closed on December 31, 1975, and imploded in October of 1985.

Hotel Blackstone, Tyler, Texas
Hotel Blackstone, Tyler, Texas

Hotel Blackstone, Tyler, Texas, showing the Blackstone Office Building to the north
Hotel Blackstone, Tyler, Texas

Hotel Blackstone, Tyler Texas ... matchbook cover Blackstone Office Building, Downtown Tyler, 2011
Blackstone Office Building, Downtown Tyler, 2011


The Carlton Hotel in Downtown Tyler

Carlton Hotel building, Tyler Texas, 2011
The former Carlton Hotel, Tyler Texas, 2011

The 16-story Carlton Hotel opened in downtown Tyler at the corner of Broadway Avenue and Elm Street on November 20, 1954. Built at a cost of $1.8 million, the Carlton was a 200-room, full-service hotel that hosted functions including banquets and school proms.

The hotel's amenities included a coffee shop which seated 120 people, a ballroom, a main dining room and three private dining rooms. The 115,000-square-foot structure also featured a three-story, 126-space parking garage, as well as a rooftop swimming pool and cabana that were added in 1955.

A glitzy opening featured a floor show featuring film star Gloria de Haven. A crowd of about 4,000 persons visited the Carlton during its opening weekend.

The Carlton Hotel closed on November 18, 1971 after serving Tyler residents and visitors for 17 years. It housed Smith County offices beginning in 1977.

Carlton Hotel pool, circa 1950s, Tyler, TexasCarlton Hotel pool, circa 1950s

Carlton Hotel, Tyler Texas, 1955
Carlton Hotel entrance, Tyler Texas, 1955
Carlton Hotel, Tyler Texas, 2011Former Carlton Hotel entrance

The Alto Motel

Alto Motel, Dallas Highway 64, Tyler, Texas
Alto Motel, Dallas Highway 64, Tyler, Texas

The Dixie Motel

Dixie Motel, Tyler, Texas
Dixie Motel, Tyler, Texas

The Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel, Tyler, Texas
Plaza Hotel, Tyler, Texas


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