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Tyler Area Biking Trails and Rides

The Tyler area offers a number of recreational trails and parks for biking, located in the center of the city and in outlying areas. The terrain surrounding Tyler is mostly forested, gently rolling hills, dotted with ranches, lakes, and pastures.

The elevation in Smith County ranges from 300 to 600 feet, providing biking challenges even for the most experienced riders. Even in the City of Tyler, bicyclists will find hills and elevation changes which provide exciting biking rides, as well as flat trails for more relaxing times.

Popular Biking Trails

  • Rose Rudman Recreational Trail, at Shiloh Road
    Rose Rudman Recreational Trail, Tyler, Texas
    (TylerTexasOnline staff photo)
    Rose Rudman - For biking, walking, jogging, or roller-blading, Tyler's Rose Rudman Recreational Trail is a perfect "close-in-to-town" venue for a short or even a long ride.

    It is easily accessible from a number of residential areas, commercial corridors and area hotels. City of Tyler Rudman-South Tyler Trails Map

    Access to the trails, and parking, is available at numerous locations. The Tyler trail system currently encompasses four segments:

    • Rose Rudman Trail - 1.2 miles of concrete trail
    • Southside Trail - 1/2 mile
    • South Tyler Trail - 4 miles
  • Faulkner Park - Located on West Cumberland Road near South Broadway Avenue, the park offers more than 9 miles of trails in addition to a lake, tennis courts, picnic areas, baseball fields and skate ramps.

    The trails have been developed and maintained by Tyler Bicycle Club volunteers. City of Tyler Faulkner Park Trail Map

    Faulkner Park Mountain Bike Trails in Tyler Texas

    Hoot and Holler is Loop A of the Faulkner Trail. Rated family-friendly and good for beginners, this fun, twisty trail is very shaded and a great place to spot wildlife.

    The Blackberry Patch bike trail, at Faulkner Park, provides a quick ride for both beginner and experienced riders. Clean and wide, this nearly mile-long trail is ideal for riders who are short on time.
  • Lindsey Park - Lindsey Park, also operated by the City of Tyler, is located on Spur 364 West. The park includes 15 miles of trails for biking, hiking and walking. Check out Loops A, B, C and D. In 2019, Lindsey Park Trail was named a Top Ten Trail in Texas by the Mountain Bike Trail Project. City of Tyler Lindsey Park Trails Map

    Lindsey Park Trail in Tyler Texas

    It also features a softball complex, soccer fields, basketball courts, playground, picnic area, pavilions, and restrooms. Lindsey Park offers three popular disc golf courses: Red, Blue and Gold.

  • Legacy Trails - Starts at Three Lakes Parkway near FRESH by Brookshires, and proceeds south to Gresham, using sections of the old Cotton Belt railroad route along with city-owned right-of-way and utility easements along Old Jacksonville Highway.

    Another part of the trail goes from Three Lakes Parkway to the southeast, along Dueling Oaks, connecting with West Cumberland Road, allowing trail bikers to reach the Faulkner Park trails. City of Tyler Legacy Trail Map

  • UT-Tyler Mountain Bike Trail - 3.32 miles in length, on the campus of the University of Texas at Tyler on University Boulevard in east Tyler.


  • Tyler State Park Trails - Located just north of Tyler on State Park Highway 14, the park offers more than 13 miles of trails, including the 70 year old Whispering Pines Nature Trail. Highly regarded as one of the best and toughest trails in Texas.
  • Mineola Nature Preserve - The Greer Hill Biking & Hiking Trails offer a variety of routes for mountain bikers from beginners looking for a scenic ride through beautiful wooded forests, to intermediate and experienced riders seeking challenging rollers and switchbacks.
  • Fresh Road Race Course in Whitehouse - Located a few miles southeast of Tyler is this 18 mile loop with a good amount of climbing and pretty scenery.
  • Blackhawk Creek Hike and Bike Trail - 3 miles, near Whitehouse.
  • Lake Hawkins Loop - 10 miles of smooth pavement for both new and experienced riders.
  • BB12 - 12 miles, south of Tyler, dealing with "Killer Hill" (The Beast).
  • Tri Tyler Olympic - 24 miles down Yarbrough Lane south of Whitehouse.
  • Tri Tyler Half - 56 miles of climbing and more climbing!
  • Rollers - 40 miles. A great ride with smooth roads and nice scenery. Starts at Owens Elementary School on Saline Creek Road in Gresham.

Bicycle Clubs, Shops & Resources

The following biking resources offer details on bike shops, accessories, repairs, popular biking trails and courses, as well as upcoming events and rides:

Tyler Bicycle Club - Comprised of cycling enthusiasts and volunteers who support the cycling community around Tyler. Club members are eager to help new riders experience the joys of bicycling in the community. Visitors are always welcome on their weekly rides! For more information about current events and rides, visit the Tyler Bicycle Club on Facebook

Elite Bicycles of Tyler - Powered by PlayTri - 2251 Three Lakes Parkway, Suite 102. Also, visit Elite Bicycles on Facebook

Simpson Sports - 14204 Highway 110 S, in Whitehouse ... 41 years of biking experience in East Texas. Bike sales and repairs. Also, visit Simpson Sports on Facebook

Bicycle ride in the Tyler Texas countryside
Image courtesy of the Tyler Bicycle Club

The Coco Bean - Bicycle rentals on Legacy Trails in Tyler, on 7272 Crosswater Avenue

FRESH Racing - Formed in 2011 as a group of dedicated cyclists began looking for an alternative to team racing in other cities. As more riders joined weekly group rides in Tyler, a need was created for an official team, and with FRESH and other sponsors stepping forward to support the cause, it wasn’t long before the dream of a racing team became a reality.

City of Tyler Parks & Recreation Trail Guides (PDFs)

City of Tyler Parks Trail Guide

City of Tyler Faulkner Park Trail

City of Tyler Legacy Trail Map

City of Tyler Rudman-South Tyler Trails

City of Tyler Lindsey Park Trails

Tyler State Park Trails Map

UT-Tyler Mountain Bike Trail Map

Tyler Bike Trails (Courtesy of Elite Bicycles) - Details on the 67-mile Beauty & The Beast route, Tri-Tyler Olympic Course, Lake Hawkins Loop, Fresh Road Race Course, and more.

Calendar of Upcoming Tyler Area Bike Rides (Courtesy of the Tyler Bicycle Club)

Tyler Transit - City of Tyler fixed route buses are equipped with racks for bicycle transport

USA Cycling

Bike rider racing to the finish line, in East Texas

Texas Bicycle Racing Association

Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association

Texas Guide to Safe Bicycling

City of Tyler Bicycle Information, Maps & the Bike Stripes Project - The project identifies 11 bicycle lane routes and a centralized hub near the downtown area. The work includes painting bicycle lanes and placing designated signage along the existing roadways. An overview of all the routes is available with plans for the new "spokes."

Map showing the City of Tyler's Bike Stripes Project
Map showing the City of Tyler's Bike Stripes Project

Bicycle Fix-It Stations

The Northeast Texas Public Health District (NET Health) and the Tyler Parks and Recreation Department have partnered to install numerous bicycle fix-it stations throughout the City of Tyler.

The fix-it stations were purchased via grant funds from the Texas Physical Activity and Nutrition Program, and have been placed at Tyler parks near trails, The stations include all tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, such as inflating a flat tire and adjusting brakes. ​

The bicycle fix-it stations have been installed along the Rose Rudman Trail, Legacy Trails, Bergfeld Park, Faulkner Nature Trails, Lindsey Mountain Bike Trails, and the Glass Recreation Center. ​

Downtown Tyler locations of the bicycle fix-it stations include the downtown square (near the water feature), in the Fair Plaza parking garage, and near the Tyler Transit depot on Oakwood and Spring Street.

Interactive Map of Tyler Area Biking Locales

More Tyler Recreational Trails

About Rose Rudman & Other Tyler Trails


Legacy Trail System

In 2019 the Legacy Trail system to Gresham was dedicated, running along an abandoned railroad route along Old Jacksonville Highway. Beginning near FRESH on Old Jacksonville Highway, the system also provides connectivity to the Faulkner Park area and trails.

About Tyler's Legacy Trails

Other Outdoor Activities in Tyler

Tyler has a wide range of places to see and things to do year-round. Tyler's mild climate provides an ideal environment for outdoor activities and recreation.

About Tyler's Lakes, Pools, Golf & Other Outdoor Activities